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If I am going to know your story, I think it is only fair that you know who is behind the camera and this colorful website.

I was born back in the 80s in a village in Andalusia. I lived all my childhood and teenage years in a country house. Without much more company than the animals of the field and a neighbor who lived a few meters away from me. Her name was Carmen. Those were the wonderful 80’s and 90’s. At that time -thank God- there were no cell phones or internet, and I spent hours climbing trees and chasing insects that I thought needed my help urgently and took them to an insect hospital.

I spent some afternoons with Carmen for three reasons: she would give me a delicious spoonful of sugar sometimes, she would call me every time she saw the first swallows appear in spring, and would spend hours showing me her photo albums from when she was a young girl living in Tangier.

Carmen was 60 years old, and back then, she opened for me the doors of a world totally different from mine through her photographs and her stories; and there, between spoonfuls of sugar and swallows, emerged my passion for photography and how they tell stories.

Carmen’s eyes filled with tears every time she told me the same story every afternoon. I didn’t really understand anything back then, I was just fascinated by her stories and how she had fewer wrinkles in those photographs.

Carmen is no longer here today, but I got a tattoo of a swallow to carry her with me always.

And I went to know the world she always showed me. My curiosity has taken me to live and travel to different countries: Costa Rica, the USA, Japan, Indonesia, Cuba, Mexico… Always with my camera on my back and looking for the beauty of the small things in photography.


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