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If you’re reading this is either because you’re getting married soon or because you love photography and you want to know more about me.

Well, I could write about my gear, the technical side, the awards I’ve won…but the most important thing for me is my own experience. I’ve been doing weddings for six years in many different places, shooting real people, real couples, just like you.

When seeking a wedding photographer, scratch the surface; I mean don’t look at just one post or one shot. Look for the story. Your wedding is your story, not only a beautiful photography. Seek a photographer with the style and personality that suits yours and gives you good vibes ;) That’s the best advice I can give you.

I do weddings because I LOVE it. Yes! I truly enjoy it! Weddings are fun, full of life and emotions. Who wouldn’t like that? I make a living only shooting weddings, I don’t have a second job. All my efforts and my energy are focused on the couples and their weddings.

My style is very simple. I photograph your day as it unfolds naturally. I want to tell your story as individuals and as a couple. Pictures are the best memories. And when you look back to the photographs I I want them to take you back to that exact moment.

My wedding packs include full day coverage. It begins at moments of getting ready, at the brides home or wherever the bride and groom may be getting ready. And it ends at the party, where I stay for a while.

You can also add an album to your wedding package, (different sizes, styles and prices are available).

I live in Barcelona, but I do weddings in any location, whether it appears or not on a map.

Well, thanks you so much for reading this!!

And if you’re still interested in what I do, send me an email with all the details of your wedding day (locations, planning, number of guests, any ethnic, cultural or religious traditions I should know).

If you have any questions, go to the contact section. I’ll be happy to answer them.

Take a look at the “about me” section if you want to know me a bit more!

Kind regards!

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