Wedding in Girona - David and Kerstin

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David and Kerstin, Catalonia and Viena, a lovely couple and one clear idea: getting married in Girona.

They decided to make their destination wedding at their own hipster style.

When they wrote me, they told me that they wanted “a natural wedding, not so much traditional, nor luxorius. They only wanted it to be natural, peaceful and very casual” And of course, it was as they desired: a private outdoors wedding at Mas del Mar a XVII century countryside house in Sant Pere Pescador, Girona (Spain).

And instead of the distance, they organised everything with all their love….

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Masia: Casa Rural Mas del Mar

City: Sant Pere Pescador, Girona

Groom shoes: Vans

Candles: Bruno de Lightsevents

Catering: El Molí de l´Escala

Bride dress: Bugaric

Cup Cakes: Cup Cakes Barcelona

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