fotos de boda diferentes

Have you ever imagined that a wedding could be held in a flower shop or a coffee shop? Well, it´s totally possible. In Berlin there are coffee shops that share space with flower shops that would make you fall in love. These little spaces are great for intimate weddings with only a few number of guests.

Traci and Andy’s wedding was in Berlin. I already knew the venue where they were getting married: 21 Gramm. I lived in Berlin for several years and I know the trendy places well. 21 Gramm is a cafe that specializes in brunch breakfasts and shares the entire outdoor area with a flower shop. So this fact already hinted that flowers were going to be one of the protagonists of the wedding. And that was clear to me as soon as I arrived at the couple’s house: I found the bride watering the flowers on her terrace. No anxiety for the day, just a lot of calm in her ways. She was radiant with happiness and dressed in a spectacular red wedding “dress”. It was a jumpsuit with pants and bare shoulders that looked amazing on her. Traci and Andy wanted to have a modern and casual wedding, so they decided to dress in their own relaxed style. In fact, they were getting dressed together and wanted to take some photos of them strolling around their neighborhood a few minutes before the ceremony. They wanted to keep the memory of these streets and places where they walked around daily.

After the photo session, we went to the cafeteria where the guests were waiting for us. The ceremony was inside the place, a unique space that I highly recommend you to see in the photos. The outside was decorated with umbrellas, elongated tables and a very simple decoration, but very tastefully placed. And of course: beautiful wild flowers in every corner. In the end everything was just as they wanted: spending a very intimate evening in a very informal and relaxed atmosphere with their Berlin family and friends.

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