Wedding in a private home in Barcelona

Have you ever thought about getting married and celebrating your wedding in your own home? Well, in this wedding, the couple decided to use their own apartment located in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona to celebrate their wedding day in an intimate and homemade way. And they did it with a style and elegance that had me spellbound the whole afternoon I spent with them.

Romeral and Antonio wanted something very intimate and elegant as well. They have an apartment in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Barcelona: Gracia. And why not using their own private home to celebrate their wedding day.

For the ceremony, they chose to get married in the Gracia City Hall, located a few streets away from their apartment. Romeral and Antonio arrived together holding hands and I remember how the people who were in the square having a few beers began to turn to look at them. Romeral looked radiant in a very simple and elegant dress that contrasted with her beautiful red lips and bouquet of flowers also red made by the florists  Abril Flores Mil. She also wore her long black hair loose in the form of waves and with a chic touch of past times made by Saloon de Gracia hairdresser. And incredibly beautiful shoes (look for them in these photos please, because you will love them) by Chie Mihara.

It was an emotional ceremony where there was no lack of laughter and tears. And after a good dose of hugs, we went for a little walk through the little streets of the neighborhood for their photo shoot. They didn’t want to pose, they just wanted to walk around and for the style of their pictures to be natural and spontaneous. So it totally suited my style as a photographer. And after a few minutes laughing in the streets of Gracia, we went straight to their private home.

There their families were waiting for them and an incredible decoration by Mercès. catering. They used the rooms of their house to set three tables decorated with colorful flowers and incredibly beautiful tableware that I invite you to see in these pictures. High ceilings with floral finials, hydraulic floors, a violinist to liven up the evening and a whole night ahead to celebrate and enjoy their special day.

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