New Year´s Eve wedding in a Winery in Barcelona

Have you ever thought about celebrating your wedding on New Year’s Eve? This year I was the luckiest person because I was the photographer for a wedding that took place in the winery of Cavas Codorniu, very close to the city of Barcelona on New Year’s Eve. Cavas Codorniu is one of the most luxurious wine cellars of the area. It´s an amazing modernist building.

Getting married on New Year’s Eve is special for many reasons. First of all because it is a magical night to be with your people. Secondly because it is a winter wedding and getting married in December gives a totally different character to your wedding: wedding dresses with long sleeves, coats and winter looks to play with. At the same time, it is a special occasion for the bride and groom and their guests, as it combines love and celebration with the spirit of the end of the year holidays. In my case, being able to work as a photographer on that special night offered me photographs as full of emotions as the ones you will see below.

The decoration was in charge of the 21 de Marzo team, who wanted to make a minimalist and elegant decoration, but combining different warm winter elements such as candles, winter flowers and golden tones. They put a single long table where all the guests were seated to enjoy the evening together. The decoration was provided by the florists Ventura Floristes and the wedding material by Ah Rental, both suppliers located in Barcelona.

The bride spent the morning having her make-up done at the mythical and luxurious Salón Toro in Barcelona where they decided to leave her hair down, which was a beautiful choice to combine with Kyha Studios dress. Andrea chose to wear two dresses from this prestigious brand, both modern and out of the traditional. The first two-piece dress had a sequined top and a skirt. It was the one that Andrea wore throughout the day. Once the party started and the New Year’s Eve chimes were over, Andrea changed to a one-piece dress with feather bangs inspired by the aesthetics of the 20’s. Alex, the groom wore a modern dress by the brand Hermes.

Here are the pictures of that wonderful and special night, where there were laughs, hugs, celebration and emotions. This is the story of a New Year’s Eve wedding. Their wedding.

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