Marta and Pablo - Menorca

Marta and Pablo´s wedding in Menorca was very special. There was a motto in that day: “look on the bright side”.

That morning I arrived to Finca Santa Teresa in Cape of Cavalleria´s national park. I remember getting out of the car, looking at the sea and seeing a mass of black clouds thundering and stealthily approaching the area where the ceremony was being prepared. Within a few minutes, the atmosphere turned into a gale that threw everything. Natalia, the wedding planner, did the impossible to keep everything in place.

However, despite that chaos, Pablo welcomed me with a smile. After that I went to Marta´s house and I found the same scene: smiles, calmed faces and the certainty that they were going to have a great wedding day.

At Sant Joan de Missa´s chapel guests arrived with their colorful umbrellas. And the miracle happened:

After the ceremony, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine over the chapel. From here, you can take a look at their story with these photographs: joy, tears, smiles, music, dances and a spectacular party with all his friends and families. They celebrated their good luck, but above all , they celebrated love.  

Wedding planner: Natalia, Brichs Events

Wedding dress: YolanCris

Flowers: Es Bonsais

Catering: Ses Forquilles

Hairdressing and make up: Carlos Vidal

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