I love every time I’m asked to take some natural maternity photos, on the beach, outdoors and enjoying the scenery and the sunset. My work as a photographer gifts me to explore new places where I can get beautiful photoshoots with as few people as possible. I really enjoy the process of looking for beautiful landscapes and getting lost in nature.

For this session I spent a whole afternoon exploring among cliffs in Andalusia, surrounded by semi-pristine beaches, pine forests and dunes. And finally, I found the perfect spot. A corner where there were no people, in the middle of August. And there I took them for their maternity photo session.

For me, maternity photography has always been a challenge. My style is very natural and this kind of photos are usually very posed. So I look for a middle ground and end up getting pictures as natural as these. With the couple enjoying the moment and the beautiful memory they will have.

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And if you still want more, I have a whole website dedicated to documentary and natural family and maternity photography in Spain and around the world.