fotografia de pareja divertida y natural

Desert of the Bardenas Reales in Spain. Cloudy and rainy day. Couple photo session with Patri and Xabi. Y…. How do we do it if the rain doesn’t stop? Well, start the photo session in their car! So they get used to the camera, I’m getting warmed up and we all have a few laughs.

As the day didn’t look like it was going to get any better, we got out of the car with a good attitude, and thank goodness we got out! We got some really cool pictures of the two of them with the wonderful desert in the background. They kept laughing, having fun, dancing to warm up and hugging each other to cover themselves from the cold wind.

If there is something that fascinates me about photography, it is telling stories. Stories of people, of how they are, of how they relate to each other. And with Patri and Xabi I got to photograph how much fun they have together. How they have fun and how they take care of each other.

Here I leave you with them, with their looks, with the funny changes of look of both of them and with the magic of one of the biggest deserts in Europe.