sesion fotos pareja playa campo

You don't need to get married to have your photos taken together. You can have a couple photo session at any time.

This way you can have this special moment of your lives as a memory. These sessions are always done in a place that is special for you: a beach, a city or even your own home.

Kathy and Júlia wanted to have the photo shoot in their own home in Barcelona.

Marta and Alberto live in Cyprus. He works as a soccer player there and they wanted to keep the memory of that time together living in that country.

Vero & Ian live in Dubai. After their wedding in Spain they decided they also wanted to have a memory of their time living in Dubai. They had a contact who let us into Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and one of the most luxurious.

Kathleen and Michael wrote to me because they wanted to have a memory of the places where they walked the most in San Francisco.

Belén and Miquel always wanted to have a photo session in the streets of Paris. The most beautiful coincidence was that it started to snow that morning.

Patricia and Xabi have always enjoyed nature adventures. That's why they chose this emblematic desert for their photo shoot.

This is the second location that Vero and Ian chose for their couple sessions throughout Dubai. This time we went to the Red Desert.

Beatriz and Juan are in love with British culture and The Beatles.

We flew to London and walked around together for the whole day.

Patri and Pedro live in Dubai and wanted to have an aventure photo session there.

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