About me

Hi!! My name is Sara Lazaro and I’m wedding photographer…..

I’d like to explain who is that person behind the photographs and the logo. Since you’re telling me your story I think is fair that you know some things about me.

I was born in Huelva – Spain-, 1981. Maybe it rings you a bell because is the land of the Jabugo ham, Doñana and a beautiful destination to enjoy the beach. I was raised in the countryside, pretty far from civilization until I was 18. That left me plenty of time to play around with my dad’s old reflex camera.

That early passion became stronger and I decided to study Fine Art Photography. While I was studying, a friend of mine got married. I brought my camera to that wedding and i realized how fun and how interesting could be the job of a wedding photographer.

I started to venture into proffesional protography in Granada. Starting up a business is not easy, it doesn’t happen overnight. I kept on doing it, highly motivated; I knew I could do fresh new things in wedding photography.

Then I moved to Barcelona. I love this city. I’m in love with its streets, people…. The atmosphere is just great, exciting things do happen here. Most of my weddings are in this area, but I do work wherever you want to take me. I feel so lucky! My two passions together: photography and travelling.

I love to travel; it doesn’t matter where or how long does it take. I need it. Just me and my backpack. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

I also like running, trekking, to explore nature, ride a bike, to cook, green tea, movies. I like the sound and smell of rain, swallows that make a summer, the fireplace in winter nights, the taste of wine and a charming dinner. I think it’s important to find these little things in everyday life that make you happy.

Well! I don’t want you to get bored! If you want to know me better, feel free to email me. Here are some pics of me so you can see how do I look!

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